Another Angelina day ;-)

Well, it’s not the Angelina you think of … ;-), but as also successful like the other lady, at least :-). In Paris, if you feel like to drink a hot chocolate … on a cold afternoon … hum, then you have to go to « Angelina » … . There you can enjoy the most delicious chocolate  in town  … with whip cream, please!

And it’s good for your diet, too! No kidding! The chocolate is so rich, that you don’t feel hunger for minimum half day! So, if that’s not a promise, then what else?! Hmmm, Mama went with her friend … now back home, when she closes her eyes … she can still smell the delicious smell! This in mind … have a good night,  my wonderful family, laila tov and lot’s of love from …

your wonderful family!

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