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A day in Köln …

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First, you have to visit the Dom. Then we went to visit the "Praetorium". What is a "Praetorium"? Click on the word and you'll find the explanation ;-). It's already two years, we're trying to eat in "Peter's Brauhaus" and each … Lire la suite


28,5 °C !

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It's hotter here in Germany than in France, can you believe that?! Maayan wanted so much the biggest beer cup with sweets … a photo is what she gets ;-). Quick home to have a delicious dinner … mmmh. Good night, … Lire la suite



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Dieppe … why Dieppe? Hum, why not? It's not Honfleur, nor Cannes or La Baule. Actually, it's not a very beautiful harbour … but you just don't see that on the photos =)). But it's still very nice to see the sea, wide space … Lire la suite


To profit …

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from great weather … minimum twice a day ;-). Lot's of love to you, my wonderful family. We know that you have great weather, too! Your wonderful family! Envoyer à un ami


Sometimes …

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you ask yourself, why to go far, if beauty is just next door … Nature combine with human knowledge … Sublime … Don't you think so, too?! Welcome to Parc de Sceaux. Sweet dreams, my wonderful family! Good night and … Lire la suite


« Trois pignons » … in Fontainebleau’s forest …

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It was great! Very interesting walk! We didn't do the whole round, but part of it. First we climbed to the "Rocher du Guetteur" and then continued to the "Rocher de la Souris". Before going back, we passed quickly to see … Lire la suite


Fontainebleau, Gorges de Franchard and Barbizon

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Today, we're visiting the castle of Fontainebleau. Philippe le Bel was born and died here … . Here, Marie de Médicis delivered Louis XIII in public (around 200 courtisans were around her 😦 ). Here, Napoléon Bonaparte said "goodbye" to his garde before being … Lire la suite