Science festival … 18th edition

It was such a great day! So many things to see, to touch, to hear and to learn. What a pity that you have only 24 hours in a day ;-). We're so lucky to be able to do all this! Genetics … Darwin's explanation, why girafes has long necks … . Did you know that we have more than 1250 satellites flying around the earth?!


Count your heartbeats … 




Below, you see the "Cité des enfants 5-12 ans", a section created for children between 5 to 12 years old to understand "communication, water, your body, TV and filming, factory and gardening.


So many great experiences …




"There's no light without shade" Louis Aragon's citation … . Professor Archibald Ombre collects shadows … .





Here, you find yourself in his house … through fascinating experiences he invites you to share his passion. Superbe! Mama really enjoyed this exposition, so well done!


And "la cérise sur la crème" (the sherry on the cream) … the "planetarium", our favourite place. We got tickets to  "The dawn of the conquest of space" and "Cosmic collisions". Sometimes you have the feeling that you're flying yourself, you're in the film! Breathtaking scenes! Actually you're not sitting in the théâtre, the seats are tilted, so you're laying! So, when they start the movie … you see thousands of stars … as if you're laying on a summernight in a parc or on a beach and you have the huge big clear sky above you. We love it. Have a look on their site, you'll understand better what we mean. Lots of love, my wonderful family and see you soon.

From your wonderful family!

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