Hooray, we’re on the road !

14th of August … it took us about 8 hours to reach Sébazac Concourès, a small town near Millau, where Mr. and Mrs. Dumas live. They are the ex-owner of our house and we still keep contact with them. It was very nice to meet them again. Omer learned very quick the essential words in french : « Non, merci. Oui, merci. Bonjour. Au revoir. » Mama is very proud of him. Mr. and Mrs. Dumas looked good and seemed pretty happy too, to see us :)). Also we came late, as we stopped several times on the way to rest … we stood 2 hours with them … . We could have stay more, Mrs. Dumas and Mama love talking … and Mr. Dumas is very funny …

Lunch timeWho's laughing outloud ???! We have much fun !14-août-2009 (2)14-août-2009 (3)14-août-2009 (4)14-août-2009 (5)14-août-2009 (6)14-août-2009 (7)

but we still wanted to see the breathtaking  « Bridge of Millau », the highest bridge in the world for now and the road to Nîmes, where Mama’s friend lives, is still 3 hours away !

14-août-2009 (8)14-août-2009 (9)14-août-2009 (10)14-août-2009 (11)Special effect !14-août-2009 (13)14-août-2009 (14)Beautiful Mai ... and beautiful Mama ;-)14-août-2009 (16)The wonderful "Ben doda" and me14-août-2009 (18)The explorer

Isn’t the bridge beautiful ?!? In some places, it’s even higher than the Eiffel Tower !!! Good night, laila tov, my wonderful family !

From your wonderful family !


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