Today ?! Soft program …

After a day in Disneyland … you have to rest. Making relaxation, sleeping , walking slowly … all this to recover :-). Aba came to fetch Orit and Omer and Maayan, who was allowed to stay home, yes, and not to get up early to go to the Summer Activity Centre for children :-), she was happy, she could sleep ! He took them to Ikea … they had lunch there and then went shopping afterwards, there are a lot of shops around there in Thiais. Omer and Maayan got the same sport shoes as present … they’re good and beautiful :)). Thank you, doda Orit !!! Have a good sleep, my wonderful family … tomorrow Orit and Omer are going to Versailles and Aba and Nanni are coaching the family Raid in Wissous …Your wonderful family !

P.S.: We shouldn’t forget Tomer and Mai in Germany ! Mama is missing them a lot !!!!!!! She is calling them every night … and they seem not even to dislike it :-). They are very well. Mai received the creams, Mama was sending her via the post. Now Miss Mai is happy, ’cause she has a nice skin again ! Before she looked like « Ugly Betty », hi, hi, hi. Tomer is doing a lot of social work in his spare time … helping women on wheelchairs to go on the Strassenbahn (Bravo !). They hoover and clean the appartement for Ông Ngoai, they shop for him, helping him to distribute the newspapers. A wonderful family with wonderful children :)). Oh ! And we shouldn’t forget Noa neither ! Omer’s big sister who stood in Israel, instead of having fun in France like Omer, the lucky one ! She is in the army now in Israel. But she doesn’t seem to suffer neither :)). Judge yourself !


They seem to have a lot of fun. How great to have so many nice friends !! Mama is going to try this hairstyle, too ;-), it looks so avant-garde. You never guess what the girls have under their hair to make it stands up like this. Kisses, nishekot to everybody.

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