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Back to Paris

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The flight was very delayed. They had to change a wheel, which took about 4 hours ! Well, never mind, better wait and be in security ! At the end we were pretty tired, more tired than after all our excursions … Lire la suite


On air

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Overflying Grece and arriving at Fiumicino … .  Benvenuti a Roma … la città eterna.  Lot's of love, my wonderful family! Commentaires: lire et poster | Envoyer à un ami


Ben Gurion

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Hu, hu, huuuuu time past so quick !!! That's it, everybody's there to say goodbye ! We're leaving ! Short break to have a drink with Saba and Safta and voilà … Shalom, lehitra'ot ve nihiye bekescher !  Mama had … Lire la suite


A jump to say « hello »

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We're already flying back today, snif. Our initial flight was cancelled. So rather, back home today or Monday. Mama and Aba are going to be late in one day of work and we would miss classes. Well, so you see, we're … Lire la suite


Soirée « Fromage »

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You think you can sleep ? No way !! The whole family is waiting for you at home ! "Soirée Fromage", "Cheese evening", yes, Aba bought french cheese, all kinds of : square, round, large, small, from goats, sheeps and … Lire la suite


Ein Boqeq … At the Dead Sea

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Do you know, that you're standing right now in the lowest point on earth, 416 m below sea lewel ! We felt that in our ears, while driving in the car ! "Only the name might fool you. The Dead Sea … Lire la suite



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On Masada’s brochure it’s written: « Synonyme of israelian proudness: « Masada » was the last bastion of Jewish freedom fighters against the Romans; its fall signaled the violent destruction of the kingdom of Judea and the end of the Second Temple period … Lire la suite